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We at Prime Janitorial have served our commercial clients in Long Beach, CA. Together with our quality tools, equipment, and products, you can guarantee that you’ll be creating an impressive and safer space for your clients and even your staff. That’s why if you want to bring this type of environment, then it’s time to hire our commercial cleaning team to your property.

Top Construction Cleaning

Top Construction Cleaning

Thorough Commercial Space Cleaning Guaranteed

With our focus directed at commercial clients, we have a thorough knowledge and range of services that will cater to your business’s needs. We will ensure that every corner is cleaned, no webs are found, and no pests or germs will thrive within your commercial property. Aside from making your space look clean, our commercial cleaning team will guarantee that your area won’t smell foul and will still be safe for people to breathe and live in. Are you ready to take advantage of quality cleaning services? Then look no further.

Glad to Serve You

One of the main objectives of our well-trained staff members is to wow our clients by going above and beyond what is expected in the cleaning sector. Our cleaners go through a thorough interview and training procedure before joining the Prime Janitorial team to make sure that each worker will contribute positively to our culture of quality. We promise that there won’t be any more mess or stress after the cleaning is finished. Reach us today and schedule our janitorial services, office cleaning, construction cleaning, retail cleaning, and floor cleaning services.

Prime Janitorial offers quality construction cleaning services and more to all commercial clients within Long Beach, CA. If you’re a business owner needing some thorough cleaning on your property, don’t hesitate to contact our team at (562) 459-7002 today.


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